• Nic Thake replied to the topic Electric Vehicles in the forum Electric Vehicles 12 months ago

    If date from the vehicle itself is difficult to obtain then I suppose that one could also come at it the other way around and use an individuals own phone location data to illustrate how compact their movements actually are most days and, as a next step from that, how the range of an EV will more than adequately serve their usual daily needs. A…[Read more]

  • Automated Boats

    As well as passenger use (who is stepping on first) I guess in an archipelago automated delivery boats could be the equivalent of Amazon’s delivery drones. After facilitating the obvious navigation and tracking applications which a cloud network could help deliver then add-ons like procuring return loads and monitoring for…[Read more]

  • Tourism is an point of intersection between the local and the external. Orkney data offers value to both parties in the tourism industry. Collecting, collating, disseminating and acting upon data (existing and continuously generated) should be a valuable tool to aid proactive management of local heritage, accommodation etc. etc..

    I sent the…[Read more]

  • Local data aids those in a locality make decisions based on their sense of place and could justify them taking responsibility (control?) of actions in support of that locality – accreditation of local production might be one area – I submit that data collation and associated with our locality might be a worthwhile area to explore in more details -…[Read more]

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