• In terms of getting EV’s adopted I wonder if there is a pre-cursor step?

    Most opposition/resistance to EVs is based around the assumption that the present vehicle user patterns would not be accommodated by an EV. My 3 years of driving an EV has shown this not to be a problem, so can we help others who have yet to take the plunge by finding out…[Read more]

  • One of the present obstructions to the uptake of EVs is that people think they drive further than they do. Consequently they think that EVs would not serve their needs. If people knew how far they drove now they could make the decision when to change based on information, not guesswork.

    At the same time the range of new EVs is increasing, but at…[Read more]

  • Surely the biggest issue with renewably powered data centres will the the intermittent nature of the supply? Orkney does generate more than it needs at present, but it also does that sporadically. i.e. it exports about 65% of the year, but imports 35% of the time. Its exports in the 65% exceed the imports in the 35%, but renewables do not give a…[Read more]

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