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    Duncan Clarke

    There are a few project that have now been discussed around this topic.  I’ve created a page for people to discuss these ideas further here.

    • Range monitoring to support EV
    • EV charging linked to grid curtailment
    • EV and car sharing, knowing where cars are
    • Batter powered charging points (cloud link managing power flows)
    • Potential for automated boats

    Nic Thake

    Automated Boats

    As well as passenger use (who is stepping on first) I guess in an archipelago automated delivery boats could be the equivalent of Amazon’s delivery drones. After facilitating the obvious navigation and tracking applications which a cloud network could help deliver then add-ons like procuring return loads and monitoring for stowaways – even a webcam feed so you can watch your parcel en route follow. Additionality helps make projects viable.

    As I study islands I am often struck just how frequently solutions sought by cities can offer ideas for solutions sought by island groups (and even more frequently, vice versa) – http://senseable.mit.edu/roboat/ – it would need a lid, at least..


    Neil Kermode

    In terms of getting EV’s adopted I wonder if there is a pre-cursor step?

    Most opposition/resistance to EVs is based around the assumption that the present vehicle user patterns would not be accommodated by an EV. My 3 years of driving an EV has shown this not to be a problem, so can we help others who have yet to take the plunge by finding out what their present vehicle use patterns are NOW? If we can show what people do now with fossil fuelled cars, we can better show how EVs would be sufficient?

    Most cars being built have telematics in them transmitting data to the manufacturers. My LEAF does and I doubt the data is just driven by it being an EV. I bet most cars with Sat-Nav are transmitting too. Can we intercept that (with the consent of the vehicle owners of course) and do analysis?


    Michael Butler

    I found a site for enthusiastic Renault Zoe owners who connect to an access port to download the car’s data on usage, so it is possible and didn’t seem too tricky. It did require taking apart the dashboard slightly.


    Nic Thake

    If date from the vehicle itself is difficult to obtain then I suppose that one could also come at it the other way around and use an individuals own phone location data to illustrate how compact their movements actually are most days and, as a next step from that, how the range of an EV will more than adequately serve their usual daily needs. A few simple questions could uncover how someone moves the first mile from the home and back (on foot / by bike / in the car). From that information you can establish where you start counting – you could then assign a percentage probability that movement beyond that first mile is car based – which assumption can be double checked against monthly milage readings. That start can be elaborated upon.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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